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TEXAS INSURANCE ZONE NEWS: Getting accurate information about Texas insurance from news reports is a challenging ordeal. Are Texas homeowners insurance rates rising or falling? What about Texas auto insurance? Helpful Texas insurance information is available. Click on links below to see what´s really happening to Texas Insurance: texas insurance news
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Looking Forward: The Future of Texas Insurance

Early 2005 has seen the Texas insurance marketplace open up somewhat. More carriers are returning to the state to provide Texas homeowner insurance. The Texas auto insurance market seems prime for new carriers to come in. The newest player to come into the market is 21st Century Auto Insurance.

The outlook for the Texas insurance market is good due to that fact that in in 2004, home owners' insurance rates have stabilized and competition has returned to the market. Greater competition by insurers will translate into better deals for consumers. We will soon approach the one-year mark since companies were ordered to lower their rates for homeowners insurance.

This is the logical point at which TDI would look back and measure the impact, as well as assess the competitive levels of the market going forward. If the market does not show signs of stronger competition, Insurance Commissioner Jose Montemayor will take whatever additional action is necessary.


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