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TEXAS AUTO INSURANCE: Texas state law requires drivers to carry Texas auto insurance when driving a car on the roads in Texas. Carrying a minimum amount of insurance as a Texas driver, should not stop Texas drivers from being educated on what their auto insurance policy covers. Texas Insurance Zone provides guides, tips and quotes that can help you understand the coverages you need, reduce your premium and get a better deal on Texas auto insurance.

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Texas Auto Insurance-Required by Texas State Law

The law in Texas is very specific concerning drivers carrying auto insurance in Texas: it is simply a mandatory law. Knowing that it is a law, there are still facts Texas citizens should know about Texas auto insurance.

What is the law concerning Texas Auto Insurance?:

Texas requires drivers to carry, at a minimum, the following Texas auto insurance policy coverages:

Texas auto liability insurance limits:
The auto insurance laws in Texas require drivers to carry liability limits in at least the following limits (explained in entirety):

If you were to call a Texas insurance company or Texas insurance agent and ask "What is the state minimum for complying with the law on Texas roads", they would answer "You must carry at least 25/50/25." This means the following:

Bodily Injury Liability:
In Texas, drivers must carry bodily injury liability limits of $25,000 per person and $50,000 per accident. Texas law requires that you carry liability limits that would AT LEAST pay out $25,000 in bodily injury to ONE person in an accident in which you were found to be at fault and $50,000 for total bodily injuries in the accident.

Property Damage Liability:
In Texas, drivers must carry property damage liability limits of at least $25,000. What this means is that a driver's Texas auto insurance policy must be sufficient to cover at least $25,000 to pay for someone else's car in the event of an accident in which you were found to be at fault.

These coverages comply exactly with Texas auto insurance law. This should not be taken as legal advice on what coverages you SHOULD purchase to drive in Texas, but merely what it takes to drive legally on Texas roads.

It should be noted that most Texas insurance agents advise clients to carry higher limits of liability and additional coverages on a Texas auto insurance policy.

A common question Texas drivers ask is: "What if I am in an at-fault accident and I cause more damage (either bodily injury or property damage) than my policy limits cover?"

The answer to this question is as follows: YOU are personally responsible for any damages incurred as a result of an accident in which you are found to be at fault. You can be legally sued in court for damages over-and-above of your Texas auto insurance policy limits. Your insurance company is no longer liable to pay any damages after your limits of liability have been exhausted (maxed out).

More Texas auto insurance guideline and coverages are found HERE.



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