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TEXAS DEPARTMENT OF INSURANCE: Insurance is a regulated business in Texas. All regulations for Texas insurance fall under the auspices of the Texas Department of Insurance. The Commissioner of Insurance is apppointed by the Governor of Texas. Today's Commissioner of Insurance is Jose Montemayor and his office has a vast staff involved with all issues regarding Texas insurance. Texas Insurance Zone is proud to provide these useful link to the Texas Insurance Consumer regarding the Texas Department of Insurance. texas department of insurance texas department of insurance
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Texas Department of Insurance

Need help getting insurance coverage in Texas?

The Texas Department of Insurance is located in Austin Texas. Today's insurance Commissioner is Jose Montemayor. He was originally appointed by Governor George W. Bush and reappointed by Governor Rick Perry to manage all Texas insurance issues. Commissioner Montemayor has overseen tumultuous times since in his tenure as Commissioner of Insurance.

Commissioner Montemayor has done an outstanding job bringing stability to the Texas insurance marketplace. The changes he has allowed continue to stabilize the Texas insurance market and it may be true that Texas can look forward to a positive trend in insurance rates under his leadership.

To help you better resolve any issues you may have with Texas Insurance, use these helpful links:

Texas Department of Insurance - The official website of the state. Loaded with valuable consumer information.

Texas Insurance Complaint Form -
Do you think you have been wronged by an insurance company, agent or adjuster. This is the official form in PDF form.

Look Up An Agent or Insurance Company - All Texas licensed agent can be found here.

Report Texas Insurance Fraud -
Use this link to report Fraud online.

Office of the Public Insurance Cousel - An easy to navigate site that offers comparisons and information about Texas insurance policies.

The Texas Department of Insurance
333 Guadalupe, Austin 78701 - P.O. Box 149104, Austin 78714-9104
(512) 463-6169 - 800-578-4677 - Consumer Helpline 800-252-3439

Helpful Email Addresses:

Agent / Adjuster Questions: License@tdi.state.tx.us

Agent / Adjuster Continuing Ed Questions: CE@tdi.state.tx.us

Texas Department of Insurance Website Questions: Webmaster@tdi.state.tx.us

News Media / All Other Questions: PIO@tdi.state.tx.us


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