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SAN ANTONIO AUTO INSURANCE: San Antonio captures the spirit of Texas. Now the eighth largest city in the United States, the city has retained its sense of history and tradition, while carefully blending in cosmopolitan progress. With its many roads and highways, drivers should have San Antonio auto Insurance. Texas Insurance Zone provides guides, tips and quotes that can help you reduce your premium and get a better deal on San Antonio auto insurance. san antonio auto insurance
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  San Antonio Texas Auto Insurance


San Antonio Auto Insurance

For Texas history buffs, San Antonio is a mecca. Native Americans first lived along the San Antonio River, calling the area "Yanaguana," which means "refreshing waters," or "clear waters." A band of Spanish explorers and missionaries came upon the river in 1691, and because it was the feast day of St. Anthony, they named the river "San Antonio." The actual founding of the city came in 1718 by Father Antonio Olivares, when he established Mission San Antonio de Valero, which became permanently etched in the annals of history in 1836 as The Alamo where 189 defenders held the old mission against some 4,000 Mexican troops for 13 days.

The cry "Remember the Alamo" became the rallying point of the Texan revolution against Mexico. Located in the heart of downtown, today The Alamo is a shrine and museum.

San Antonio residents deserve the best rates on San Antonio auto insurance.

Texas Insurance Zone can help you quickly determine the San Antonio Texas auto insurance rates, car insurance prices, vehicle coverage and insurance policy programs that are right for you.

San Antonio Texas auto insurance

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